Common Ground

Il faut souffrir pour être belle ... you should suffer to be beautiful

A well-known phrase masked with controversy. Everyone has their own opinions on what "sacrifices" a woman makes to be beautiful, but over the years both of the girls have seemed to find a common ground on the matter.


"I met Nicole on my Fourth-year university, by that time I was very edgy and I didn’t care if I will get cold wearing ripped jeans on a very cold day in Istanbul, It was always about looking on point even if that would touch my comfort, but I was going with my ultimate motto: you should suffer to be beautiful, or at least a little. Honestly, I was never suffering, that can come by as a very strong word, but I was very comfortable with the discomfort fashion can cause."



"I've always enjoyed being comfortable and warm in the winter, so I was always wearing jeans or sweatpants and like three layers of big, not very attractive jackets. Makeup was something that did not exist for me, along with nail polish, and I think I may have fixed my hair five times during my university days."




"By the end of that fourth year, I found my self giving my edginess a break and also my bones that started suffering from cold into more comfortable looks. More hoodies, sweatpants, and sneakers sometimes styling them with high heels but it was still simple-believe me. She took me to a world of ultimate comfort."

Sara K.

"She’s always trying to teach me things about makeup and clothes, and although I’m super stubborn and pretend like I hate it, sometimes I do in fact like it and I’ve learned quite a bit. She’s also encouraged me to dress up more when I go out to nice places or at night (I still borrow clothes from her closet though). Because of her I now love to wear boots with a bit of heal on them, and I’ve started to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to color and style."

Nicole K.


Although they may have come to a consensus on what it takes to be 'fashionable', this wasn't always the case. While Sara loved fashion from a young age, Nicole never really developed a sense of style growing up. Even as young children, you can see the difference...