Mango Shopping Challenge

Three looks, the two of us, and one very interesting result...

We went to Mango (the store not the fruit) in a shopping mall and played a game of "what would you wear". So we each separately chose three outfits based off of three looks: a work look, a party look, and a casual look. We didn't really know what would come of it, but we definitely did not expect the end result!


"My idea of a working day look is not, and never will be, defined. If you want to look more strict, you can go for pants and a buttoned shirt. If you want to go a bit more stylish, you can add some leather to the look and a blazer with some gold buttons. At the end of the day, it really depends on your work environment and what makes you comfortable."

Sara K.

"I would have never chose it, but I loved it so much I wanted to buy it"


Nicole K.


"Guys, that's actually a trend, not just messy hair. But Sara's not a fan of that trend though..."


Nicole K.

"I don't like it."


Sara K.


"No matter where I'm going, I like to be comfortable.. even if it is to a party. So I typically go for something easy to wear - the shoes are not really my first choice (Sara)."


Nicole K.

"I am so into concepts. Party is the only place where I can add a lot of pazazz and have fun with it."


Sara K.


"We're not lying when we tell you that we actually shopped separately. But as you can see, we somehow managed to choose the exact same outfit when it came to the casual look."


"I usually like the 'hobo' look - wearing a pair of jeans with a sweater is something that Nicole does and that I really like to do currently."


Sara K.

It wasn't as easy as we thought to pick outfits straight out of a single store. It's much easier to put together our own daily looks from our own closets... until next time.